Revolutionizing Precision Medicine with the power of AI and Metabolites

Why Metabolites

Metabolites are small molecules like glucose & cholesterol that are produced during metabolic processes.

  • They direct readouts of both genetic & non-genetic factors associated with disease and drug response.
  • Metabolites are secreted to the blood from normal tissues and disease cells.
  • The study of <200 blood metabolites in >117,000 individuals predicted multi-disease outcomes. (Nature Medicine, 28, 2022, 2309–2320)

Our patented technology can characterize 20x more metabolites than any other platform for each patient.

We then combine metabolomic data with multi-modal datasets to discover the right treatments for the right patients.

How does our technology work?

Precision Oncology


Cancer immunotherapy drugs activate the body's immune system to fight cancer.

They have revolutionized cancer treatment. However:

  • <20% of patients benefit from immunotherapy
  • >35% of patients develop severe immune-related adverse events

Our AI-enabled precision medicine platform tackles all these problems by predicting which patients benefit from immunotherapy.

Precision Oncology

"The Obesity Paradox"

Obese individuals face a higher cancer risk but respond better to immunotherapy.

Cancer is a systematic disease that alters systematic metabolism and blood metabolites.

Our AI-platform detects changes in blood metabolites at unprecedented levels, offering crucial insights into the metabolism of the host, the tumor, and their interplay.

Precision Oncology

ImmunoMet blood test:

Biologically-informed metabolic test to predict which patients benefit from cancer immunotherapy.

In renal cell carcinoma, where current genetic tests fail, we showed our test can significantly stratify ICI responders to non-responders prior to starting treatment.

Precision Cardio-metabolic

Data-driven approach to treat patients suffering from cardio-metabolic diseases

Cardiometabolic treatments are currently determined based on limited factors such as BMI, blood glucose, and basic lipid panels.

We analyze 10,000+ lipids and metabolites to precisely predict which patients develop which complications.

Our digital disease models further predict the right treatment for each patient.

Partner with us

We believe in the power of partnerships to bring the right treatment for the right patients faster

Pipeline expansion

By utilizing multi-modal metabolomics data, we identify novel biological insights to discover new targets, prioritize them in development, explore indication expansion, and strategize drug combinations.

Optimized clinical trial design

We enhance clinical trial design by developing fine-tuned AI models based on proprietary pre-trained foundation models. These models identify patients most likely to respond and facilitate data-driven covariate identification and adjustment.

Integration with ctDNA tests

Our metabolomics data and pre-trained foundation models improve patient genetic stratification. We partner with liquid biopsy companies to increase the accuracy of their ctDNA tests by integrating metabolomics data.

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Developed at MIT and published in Nature Methods


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