AI Driven

Drug Discovery


The Medical Potential of AI and Metabolites

We are focusing on discovering therapeutics for metabolic diseases including Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Diseases. ReviveMed has developed a unique approach using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leverage tens of thousands of metabolomic data points to discover novel biology and the most impactful therapeutics.

Intelligent Learning of Metabolic Diseases

Using our proprietary AI platform andmetabolomic data from tissues and biofluids of patients, we discover treatments for metabolic diseases with unmet medical needs. With the growth of our database, we intelligently learn more about metabolic diseases and the manifestation of metabolic syndrome. 

ReviveMed is an AI Driven Drug Discovery Company

Developed at MIT and published in “Nature Methods”, overcomes difficulties in using metabolites

ReviveMed Announces AI-driven Metabolomic Study with Bristol Myers Squibb