AI Driven

Precision Medicine


The Medical Potential of AI and Metabolites

Metabolites, small molecules such as glucose and cholesterol, offer crucial insights into disease, patient physiology, and immune system activity, but current platforms can only detect less than 5% of human metabolites.

We have developed the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform capable of identifying more than 10,000 metabolite signals per patient, providing 20 times more data than any other platforms. This wealth of data facilitates novel biological discoveries, which were not possible before.

Intelligent Learning of Immuno-Metabolic Diseases

Utilizing our advanced AI platform and proprietary metabolomic datasets, we infer each patient’s distinct molecular signature. These unique signatures empower us to de-risk and accelerate pre-clinical and clinical development through the metabolic stratification of patients.

ReviveMed is an AI-based Metabolic Platform for Precision Therapeutics

Developed at MIT and published in “Nature Methods”, overcomes difficulties in using metabolites

ReviveMed Announces AI-driven Metabolomic Study with Bristol Myers Squibb