Expediting Drug Discovery & Development by Leveraging AI and Metabolomics

Disease Mechanism

ReviveMed discovers detailed molecular pathways associated with a disease.

Novel Therapeutic Targets

We can reveal novel therapeutic targets by leveraging data from metabolites. 

Drug Reprofiling

Using metabolomics, we identify new therapeutic effects for existing drugs or drugs in development.

Drug mechanisms of action

Our solutions can reveal underlying molecular mechnisms through which a drug produces its pharmacological effect.

Biomarker Discovery

We discover mechanistic-based biomarker signature associated with a disease or a drug treatment from biofluid metabolomic data.


Overcoming the Difficulties of Using Metabolomics

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Our technology was developed at MIT, and published in Nature Methods.  

Using our proprietary database and machine-learning algorithm, we reduce the need for costly and time-consuming experiments to identify a large set of metabolites, and integrate these data with other large-scale molecular datasets such as genomics and proteomics.


ReviveMed is a precision-medicine platform that leverages data from metabolites.


ReviveMed technology, developed at MIT and published in ‘Nature Methods’, overcome difficulties of using metabolites.

News and Events

ReviveMed was selected as one of the 10 finalists for Google’s Cloud machine learning competition from over 350 applicants, receiving $ 200K in Google Cloud Credits.